A LEGO Character Creator Community


EP-LUG is an international, EU-based LEGO User Group focusing on Constraction mocing. The constraction umbrella includes Bionicle and Hero-Factory sets, as well as some more obscure themes such as Galidor or Knights' Kingdom. Our members like to push the boundaries of what is possible in the medium to create memorable creatures and characters.

While our LUG is based primarily in the EU, we have members all around the world who share a love for building awesome things. With EP-LUG we want to share our love for building with our EU community. To do this, we organize exhibition events as well as participate in larger LEGO conventions throughout the year. Because we also have international members we have a large online presence. It's here that our members participate in numerous builder collaborations throughout the year. These collaborations serve to build excitement and spread inspiration to younger builders just starting out and are a great way to keep the interest in LEGO character-building high even with the absence of new official LEGO constraction themes.

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